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  • 25-27 Settembre 2017

This course prepares you to look at your business through an information security lens, and to develop and implement a comprehensive information security strategy that will help your business to stay competitive. It covers key security concepts, providing real-world examples of how to implement security measures and risk mitigation methods in your organization.


  • IT Managers or members of Information Security Management Teams
  • Security and Systems Managers
  • Anyone working towards an industry recognized certification such as – ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 27002, CISMP, CISSP, Security+ or CCSK BCS.This course provides a stepping-stone to more advanced certifications, either managerial or technical (such as CISSP, Security+ and CCSK), and fits nicely with existing project management and service management programs.


A basic understanding of operating systems and networks • Some experience with managing networks is helpful but not required • Some experience in project management or organizational management may be helpful but not required


  • Champion the security cause in your organization
  • Describe an integrated approach to cyber security
  • Move past compliance and to security as an advantage
  • Integrate cyber security into the lifecycle of all services
  • Understand confidentiality, integrity, and availability
  • Improve risk assessment/risk management activities
  • Gain knowledge regarding threats, vulnerabilities, and appropriate controls
  • List regulations which may impact business goals
  • Prepare for industry-recognized cyber security certifications
  • Become a Chief Information Security Officer

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